What are the benefits of Facebook Business Manager

What are the benefits of Facebook Business Manager ?

Some of the benefits of Facebook Business Manager:

Access Management ( for Improved Business Security )Data security is crucial for any business. With Facebook Business Manager, you get complete control over who access accounts so you can eliminate unauthorized access, misuse, and abuse.If you go to the “Security Center” you can activate two factor authentication This results in a security code being required each time a new device tries to access your Facebook business account. Having this added layer of security allows you to grow your business confidently and securely with Facebook. Easily Distribute Roles via User AdministrationYou can allocate two role levels in Facebook Business Manager:(1) Basic rights for administrator access and employee access(2) Appointing employees as Page Admins, Page Editors, Page Moderators, Advertisers, and Page Analysts (capable of managing individual Facebook pages or advertising accountsThese roles operate independently of each other. For example, site administrators do not have to be first-level admins with complete access to all accounts. Always remember, Facebook Business Manager Admins have no restrictions. Which means, they can delete, change roles, and do anything else you are the admin can do. Dividing Work According to RoleFacebook Business Manager makes it easy to allocate roles and divide work amongst your team and employees. You can provide them access to roles that suits their skill levels making their work responsibilities clear and transparent. Manage Multiple PagesThe greatest benefit of Facebook Business Manager is that you can manage multiple Facebook business pages. Instead of jumping from page to page to manage each account, the dashboard gives you one central control location to all your linked Facebook pages. Easily Collaborate with AgenciesLet’s say you hire an agency to assist with the growth and marketing of your Facebook business page. Just like assigning roles for team members and employees at your business, you can do the same thing when working with an agency.In this situation, you would grant an agency with permissions only to those who will be providing the work. At any time, you will have the authority to revoke access if needed. This is the process of setting up roles as a partnerUpgrades to Facebook Business ManagerRecently, Facebook has been introducing a simpler version of Business Manager so that agencies can create client campaigns quickly and easily.The new updates to Facebook Business Manager will include:Seamless process for agencies to onboard new clients;Easier process for agencies to manage client’s historical reports;Straightforward assigning of roles and organizing assets for teams.

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